Our Story

Most of us have an early memory surrounding a t-shirt; that souvenir shirt you pined for on a family vacation, that obnoxious holiday sweater your grandma bought you that smelled like moth balls, that shirt you bought at your first concert, that shirt your mom insisted you wear...

We Love You

Our hearts are with you during this time. We know it's a struggle for those out of work, for those navigating life from home, and for those - like us - trying to keep their small businesses afloat. We're grateful to still be able to serve our customers while taking all the necessary precautions to do so. And we're grateful to you, our customers—it's because of you that we're able to keep this going. Lastly, many thanks to all who are on the frontline, showing us what modern day heroes really look like.

Femme Fighters: Tarana Burke

"Inherently, having privilege isn't bad, but it's how you use it, and you have to use it in service of other people."